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Attorney Advertising

Legal work often involves diverse questions of critical importance to an individual and their family. Questions such as: how will I take care of myself and my family after I have been injured in an accident that wasn’t my fault; am I going to go to jail for a crime I did not commit; will the state control where my property goes after I pass away; and, who will be looking after my interests when I purchase my house. It is no wonder that many folk consider choosing the right attorney to be one of the more important decisions that they will make during their life time.

In recent years the amount of attorney advertising that is bombarding everyone is astounding. It is very difficult for the average person to cut through the noise to find a competent attorney that suits their needs.

Recently we found a new twist on attorney advertising which adds more confusion to the mix. An attorney was sending out a newsletter which summarized recent interesting cases that had been decided by the New York courts. The attorney sought to make it seem that because he was sending out this newsletter he was knowledgeable about the law. It was the attorney’s aim that if people feel he is knowledgeable about the law, people will bring him their cases. The interesting thing about this newsletter was that he was summarizing one of our cases. In this case the Law Offices of Miller & Miller beat back an attempt by the defendants to throw out our client’s law suit and thereafter obtained a sizeable settlement for our client. In considering this newsletter, and its reference to our client’s case, the question came to our mind who would you rather hire: the law firm that actually works hard in the courts for its client and obtains successful results or the law firm that merely summarizes the work of others for consumption by the public?


It may be hard sorting through the constant noise of attorney advertising, but in considering which law firm is right for you, we would suggest that there is a difference between law firms that do and those that merely summarize other people’s work. If you decide to entrust us with your case, we are confident that it will be a difference that you will come to count on.